Relocating 12 large sculptures and tools to our new place has taken nearly half a year. With the generous help of my friend Robin Baker (from Acres Wild), the studio structure got weather proofed before Winter. My studio may be unusual, but it works perfectly for my needs and sits well in the environment.


Placing the sculptures in the landscape was very involved.
Padma and I spent many mornings and evenings with cups of tea,
walking the property, envisioning the stones on this land.

I was able to erect some of them before the soaking rains hit us,
others are still resting quietly until the ground is firm again in Spring.

It is a deep satisfaction to imagine these stones at home in an environment
that is created for them.

With life's changes, our creativity has been challenged. Our expression has been expanded beyond the familiarity of canvas and stone.
We find ourselves looking at a bigger picture now, not only in regards to creating art, but in shaping a graceful environment that fully expresses who we are and what we are about. The restoration and celebration of nature is alive and well at EmbraceArt Studio at West Rock Park!

  Ashika's Visit to Embraceart Sculpture Park —  Embraceart 2010
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