The beginning of 2010 marked a very special event for both of us.  We bought a home ... for the first time in our lives! Our new home sits on a 10-acre farmlet, close to Hanging Rock with views of Mt Macedon at the back.

Embraceart studio at Mt Macedon Victoria Australia


Padma's art

We've become caretakers of a creative legacy that goes back a long time. For decades West Rock Park was a gathering place for creative people in all areas of the arts. Live music performances, an art gallery, and aboriginal dance and painting events have happened here. In aboriginal lore, there is said to be an energy vortex within our 10-acre patch (!) that, we feel, will influence our lives and our art.

The little cottage suits our lifestyle perfectly and the main room is a showcase for Padma's paintings. Outside, fencing has been removed and we actually feel the land breathing sighs of relief. Native trees will be planted in abundance, with a vision of restoring the local habitat. There is plenty of space to present Ashika's monumental stones, (they look amazing on misty mornings).

Our pet sheep and Athol's horses are feasting on the rich grass in the back paddocks, and the pleasure of sharing their company on our walks, is a real bonus.

We plan to convert the porch (at the back of the house) into a painting studio next year. For now I have set up easel and tables in our living room. The cats (and Ashika) seem happy with that, and they positively purr with pleasure as I create.

Padma painting Padma's painting West of the rock
  West of the Rock

The Winter weather hasn't stopped us from planning for Spring planting! To see the development of Ashika's studio and his monumental pieces in their new home, please go to Sculptures at West Rock Park.

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